G3 2001: Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, John Petrucci
G3 2001 Poster
2001 G3 Poster

G3 2001 teamed Joe Satriani and Steve Vai up with Dream Theater's John Petrucci, who wrote an entire set of new instrumental music for the tour. G3 went through both North America and Mexico and continued into 2002. Steve was promoting his latest release, 'Alive In An Ultra World' and Joe was promoting the 'Live In San Francisco' CD & DVD release.

Joe Satriani's band included Jeff Campitelli on drums, and Stu Hamm on bass.

Steve Vai's band included Billy Sheehan on bass, Virgil Donatti on drums, Mike Keneally on Keyboards and guitar, and Dave Weiner on guitar.

John Petrucci's band included Dream Theater bandmate Mike Portnoy on drums and Dave LaRue on bass.

Special Guests for the tour included Steve Lukather & Paul Gilbert in Los Angeles, Billy Gibbons in Houston, Andy Timmons in Ft. Worth, Eric Johnson in Austin, Neil Schon in Detroit, and Steve Morse in Orlando.

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